When I was going to Sydney for some office work and my flight was around 4 to five hour late due to heavy snowfall. So we all were waiting in the airport, so for time pass I started playing some board games on my android phone, but I was watching a man which was sitting near my chair and playing some money games or online casino and was very happy while playing it. So I could not resist myself and I asked him what is he playing? So we all went to the café area and had some coffee there while having it he told me about betting slots which will give the money as well.

He was playing Avalon pokies which were recently launched by the microgaming company and he played most of the machine so he was very good in this. He asked me to should I try it one, I will be enjoy it and he gave me the link where I could play and find reviews, tips and tricks which will help me to win cash.

I searched and watched some forums where I found good gaming website preferred by the many players. I really enjoyed it but in the starting playing it, basically it was an extreme popular twenty payline and 5 reels poker machine which is based on the historical theme. you can bet 1 to 10 coins per spin and the max range is 50 dollar and min is one dollar, and the max jackpot range of this slot are 15000$ and the min is 3000 coins.

The symbols and the features of this event was pretty good and it will give every new gamer 12 free spins with these free spins you can practice before playing with real money so this was my first experience with this and hope you will also like it when you will play it, and I must say this is the best pokie machine I played till now.